Bug - Not A Bug gCLI command "use seal tooth" always opens a documentation window (unexpectedly)


via user burrows, but I'm seeing the same thing.

> use seal tooth

Using 1 seal tooth...
You acquire an effect: Bloody Hand (3)
Finished using 1 seal tooth.
Seal Tooth Popup.png

As far as I can tell, use type in items.txt is message/combat reusable, which is a combination unique to the seal tooth (item #2). It calls UseItemRequest.processRequest(), which eventually goes to UseItemRequest.parseConsumption( this.responseText, true );, where that boolean 2nd parameter means "showHTML" and is (in that code path) hardcoded.

I am not sure why it's forcing that to pop up in the gCLI or if the problem is that the type should be something different, or exactly how to proceed, but I'm sure it's not acting as (I) desired (or expected).


It was most certainly intended. The "message" type is intended to specifically show you the output of things where you WANT to see the displayed text. We later used that for gift packages.

It was given to seal tooth, many years ago, because "using" a seal tooth gave you an (undesirable) effect, but was also the key to gatting a Blood-Faced Volleyball.

That is such old content, it's probably pointless to display the HTML any more. But it certainly is not a "Bug" that it displays it; it is working as intended.


That makes sense. This isn’t affecting me, but would it be reasonable to make this optional for the gCLI, or make it display the message or outcome in the gCLI?

Having looked, there are only about 60 “message” type items.

I can ask the OP if they’d like to make it a feature request.