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Now that I've satisfied my initial goal of being able to install ChIT and have it update reliably I'm less motivated to get things out, but there are still some things remaining I'd like to work on:
  • showing commit messages on update
  • adding an option, like svn, to not install dependencies
  • allowing installation of git dependencies from svn
  • making script manager work with git scripts
One other thing that probably needs discussing -- I made some simplifications to the design when writing the git manager. For example, I removed the "verification" of scripts in favour of only copying files from permissible folders. It might be nice to backport this to the SVN Manager, so script authors can lay out their repositories in a more convenient way (e.g. with a README file in the root).
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I realize that this falls under "things remaining" but I uninstalled autoscend, reinstalled via git and now I get the following:
Updating all SVN projects...
Validating repo...
svn: E160013: '/Loathing-Associates-Scripting-Society/autoscend/!svn/bc/7314/branches/master/RELEASE' path not found: 404 Not Found (https://github.com)
Something went wrong while fetching svn directory info
Dependency at https://github.com/Loathing-Associates-Scripting-Society/autoscend/branches/master/RELEASE failed validation. Won't be processed.
svn update errors out with no clear indication of which script causes the failure and any scripts further down the line do not update.

More information, in the error, on which script is trying to install autoscend as a dependency would be a nice feature.

Off to grep I go.
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In this particular case, I'm assuming it has to do with the fact that autoscend no longer has a master branch, it now has a main branch