FamiliarDrops - Get profitable drops from familiars


[requires zlib]

git checkout Rinn/kol-familiardrops/

This is a between battle script that will change your familiar to the one with the most profitable drop. Drop profitability is calculated using the lowest mall price of whatever that familiar can drop and the median number of turns that you need to burn. This takes into account multiple drops from the same familiar taking more turns.

Familiar that requires using a skill in combat (Happy Medium etc.) require you to use those skills manually, or just use SmartStasis.

Familiars that give free combats will not be used if not adventuring at a location that uses adventure.php.

zarqon feel free to incorporate this into bbb if you'd like.

You cannot modify a setting by changing the value in script.

zlib settings:
FamiliarDrops_Enabled: If this script is enabled. Ignored if you import the script and call familiar_swap().
FamiliarDrops_MinMpa: The minimum mpa required to swap to a familiar.
FamiliarDrops_MinMpaItem: Use the mall price of this item for minmpa, overrides FamiliarDrops_MinMpa if not none.
FamiliarDrops_AssumeWorst: Assume the worst turn count instead of the median, not recommended.
FamiliarDrops_Banned: Comma separated list of familiars to never switch to.
FamiliarDrops_DefaultFam: If no familiars are found, switch to this familiar by default.

I didn't add any handling for in-ronin, maybe I will idk. Probably better to just import it and do that yourself.
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I've made a few updates, familiars that give free combats are no longer used if not adventure at a location that uses adventure.php. I also added a setting "FamiliarDrops_MinMpaItem" which will search an item's mall price and use that as the minmpa, I'm using it set to BACON and FamiliarDrops_DefaultFam set to Intergnat.


I also would like to make it not use stomping boots if no monsters in a zone can be stomped but I can't recall what to check for to do that.


I've updated this to support additional familiars that repeatedly drop items such as XO Skeleton & Intergnat, and familiars that drop an item a small percentage of the time such as the Obtuse Angel dropping time's arrows. It also supports Puck Man & Ms. Puck Man as well.

I might be missing some of the low drop percentage familiars, tell me if you know of any more that drop items.


I moved this to github, url is updated in the first post. I'll probably delete the sourceforge eventually.