Familiar equipment autoswitching again


New member
I've been working on a script that automatically swaps to different familiars after each one drops its last drop for the day. I'd be happy to post it on request, but y'all will probably balk at debugging the whole thing. :) The problem is as follows:

1. I'll have a familiar selected with non-generic equipment, e.g., a Fist Turkey with brass turkey knuckles equipped. It has dropped 4 of its 5 drops for the day.
2. Tell Mafia to adventure, say, 20 times.
3. My script sees when the 5th item drops and changes to a Golden Monkey with a golden banana equipped.
4. Once the 20 advs are done, Mafia goes red and tells me "Your Golden Monkey can't wear a brass turkey knuckles." As far as I can tell, other than the annoying error message, everything worked correctly. The familiars still have their non-generic equipment equipped. I do not have the familiar equipment locked.

I set this up as a pre-adventure script, because for one thing, I couldn't figure out when a familiar script actually runs.

What should I do to fix this? I've tried including code to unequip and re-equip each familiar, but the error still occurs.