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_dinoResearchToday, for how many bundles of dino research you've given to the Chaosthetitican, starts at 20, 25, 30, etc
dinoResearch, for how much dino research you've accumulated, because the way it's set up in-game is cumbersome and wastes data

This could just be a boolean if you have collected all research. Indicated by:
<center><table><tr><td align=center valign=center><img src="/images/itemimages/dripharness.gif" width=30 height=30 title="dripharness" alt="dripharness"></td><td valign=center>Your harness beeps angrily at you.  It appears that its databanks are full.  You should head back to the Chaosthetician at Dino World for your reward!</td></tr></table></center>


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Here is the list of Council quest log entries if someone would be kind enough to add them to the repository.
We sort of ignored this for a long time, didn't we? Sorry about that.
I noticed quests not advancing from the council in my first dino run and I am about to start my second.
I guess it's time to merge this in, eh? ;)

Edit: Here we go.



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There's a later post with the additional text for when the war is won as a Hippy but here it is again. I hadn't thought to get a Wossname but now I'm curious. :)


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Hmm. Even with council quests installed, visiting the council is still not starting quests for me in my current Dinosaur run.