extraction.ash - Automated Gene Extraction

Function 'list_contains( string, phylum )' undefined. This script may require a more recent version of KoLmafia and/or its supporting scripts. (extractCCS.ash, line 2)
Consult script 'extractCCS.ash' not found.



I just took a quick look at the script to check out your problem.

I'm not sure why extractCCS.ash is supposed to work, but to fix it replace all instances of foe.phylum in extractCCS.ash witih to_string(foe.phylum)


I did make the foe.phylum change (but that wasn't the problem). I think the problem was I removed the import <zlib.ash> line at one point (foolishly), then silently put it back in. I think I'm going to put this on svn soon, in case folks are interested. I also added support to make sure that the dnaSyringe actually has DNA in it. For example, the if you've hybridized the day before and left the syringe empty, then it would try to create a gene tonic & hybridize. This will no longer happen.
> svn checkout http://extraction-afteradv-ccs.googl...com/svn/trunk/

svn: E175002: unknown host
Unable to connect with repository at /svn/trunk

digitrev, even if I'm the only one using it, I appreciate you sharing and don't mind helping test to get it right. Thanks.

I found the fix in the main svn thread.
. Ewww, that's forum software.
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Hey, Digitrev, just a note to say that this is working pretty nicely now, even though I'm still not sure why, because my ccs is consult WHAM.ash. :)

Seriously, I was going to sell the DNA lab if I couldn't automate it, so thank you.


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It doesn't seem to recognise mer-kin as a gene type to extract reliably, and after extracting their DNA manually and explicitly invoking extraction.ash it made one mer-kin tonic, but failed to make more even though autoExtractGene was set to make three of them.. not sure what's going on there. It seems to work fine for every other phylum..


Duly noted. I've set it up to simply ignore hyphens in phyla and input, so they should match now. Try svn update.


Minor update to add a backup phylum checker for One Crazy Summer. At some point, I'll migrate this to svn, because googlecode is shutting down. Today is not that day though.