Bug Evoke Eldritch Horror disappearing enemy


When I click on the button for evoke eldritch horror, it will load up the battle, then it will clear the page, then it will show the syntax checker box that says "No errors found (KoLmafia syntax checker v1.4)"
That box is the only thing being shown on screen in the main page (it still shows the chat and char sheet sidebars. as well as the navigation bar on top. it just disappears all the combat related stuff)

I need to refresh the page, or click on a navigation link (such as main.php link) for the combat interface to show up.

[COLOR=green]Casting Evoke Eldritch Horror.[/COLOR]

Preference     _eldritchHorrorEvoked changed from false to true
Preference     lastAdventure changed from The Haunted Library to None
Preference     nextAdventure changed from The Haunted Library to None

[648] Evoke     Eldritch Horror
Preference lastEncounter changed from bookbat to     Eldritch Tentacle named Blrgblllrrggghbbbbbbb
Encounter: Eldritch     Tentacle named Blrgblllrrggghbbbbbbb
Preference _lastCombatStarted     changed from 20201019183433 to 20201019191032
Round 0: taltamir wins     initiative!

debug log:
View attachment DEBUG_20201019.txt
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You clicked on "the button" for Evoke Eldritch Horror. What button?
"It" will create the box for inputting a script. What is "It"? What is "the box for creating a script"?
I see that you are running a relay script - "skills.ash". What is that?

Your debug log shows the page retrieved from KoL. You do not have it showing the page that is sent down to the browser - which is whatever KoLmafia and/or your relay script as transmuted KoL's page in to.

<font color=green>Casting Evoke Eldritch Horror.<!--js(dojax('skills.php?whichskill=168&quantity=1&ajax=1&action=Skillz&ref=1&targetplayer=2195333&pwd=42c9a403233aebac1c604810c2b2e62b');)--></font><br>
Starting relay script: skills.ash

Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/skills.php?whichskill=168&quantity=1&ajax=1&action=Skillz&ref=1&targetplayer=2195333&pwd&_=1603134631496
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/skills.php?whichskill=168&quantity=1&ajax=1&action=Skillz&ref=1&targetplayer=2195333&pwd&_=1603134631496
Field: location = [runskillz.php?whichskill=168&pwd=42c9a403233aebac1c604810c2b2e62b&quantity=1&ajax=1&targetplayer=2195333]

Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/runskillz.php?whichskill=168&pwd&quantity=1&ajax=1&targetplayer=2195333
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/runskillz.php?whichskill=168&pwd&quantity=1&ajax=1&targetplayer=2195333
<script type="text/javascript">top.mainpane.document.location = "fight.php";</script>

[648] Evoke Eldritch Horror
Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/fight.php
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/fight.php
Encounter: Eldritch Tentacle named Blrgblllrrggghbbbbbbb

Round 0: taltamir wins initiative!
Starting spading script: excavator.ash
Finished spading script: excavator.ash
Finished relay script: skills.ash (52580 bytes)

Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/main.php?checkbfast=83

Starting relay script: charpane.ash
Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/charpane.php
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/main.php?checkbfast=83
Field: Location = [fight.php]

Requesting: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/fight.php
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/charpane.php
Retrieved: https://www.kingdomofloathing.com/fight.php

Requesting: http://www.kingdomofloathing.com/chit_custom.css
Server returned response code 404 (Not Found)


You modified your post after I started responding to it.

What button did you use to invoke the skill? From the skills page? From the Daily Nags that KoL gives you?

Whatever you did, KoL told your browser to request "main.php?checkbfast=83" - which makes me think it is the Daily Nag, and KoL asked the browser to refresh the page to remove that nag, since you'd now cast the skill. This was, however, a skill that led to a fight, so when the browser requested that page, you were already in a fight.

KoL did not handle that well; it told the browser to request fight.php again.

Not that I can really see any of that, since your debug log did not show the "pages sent to the browser"..

I wonder how "skills that redirect to a fight" work from Daily Nag buttons in vanilla KoL?


I used the daily nag from kol.
I will try it with base kol and with relay scripts disabled.

It is mafia. let me provide some screenshots.


This is what my combat page normally lookslike

when I click on the daily nag to evoke eldritch horror it will flicker for a fraction of a second on the combat page and then instead go to a blank page that only contains the "no errors found" box.
I created a mockup of what the page looks like

Yes. it is just a completely white blank page with a single box for scripts.
I will replace it with a proper screenshot after dayroll


Turn on the following DEBUG options:

Verbosely log communications between KoLmafia and the browser
Log decorated responses in the debug log

Get a new DEBUG log. I cannot even begin to assess what is happenning without those things.


I would like to apologize for wasting your time like that earlier. I had had this issue for a while and for some reason just got used to thinking it is caused by mafia for some reason that it did not even occur to me that this could be caused by a script.

The skills.ash is skills wtf from https://kolmafia.us/showthread.php?15696-WTF-Relay-script-collection
by ckb

Some time ago my mafia svn got messed up and had to be deleted. so I ended up with a bunch of scripts that are in the scripts directory but not installed. I reinstalled most of them but I missed the skills wtf and did not realize it was actually installed. Nor did I think it would influence this since I was clicking the kol made nagging button without realizing said button first redirects you to the skills page (thus triggering the skills wtf relay script).

I have done a more thorough test this time, with both the options you mentioned.
I found that the issue only happens when the WTF skills relay script is installed.
View attachment DEBUG_20201020 no chit. no skills. no issue.txt
View attachment DEBUG_20201023 not chit. yes skills. yes issue.txt


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