EatDrink.ash: Optimize your daily diet (and see how your old diet stacks up).


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It looks like this script uses zlib vars, as opposed to preferences. Try using "zlib eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake = true"? (spaces are apparently necessary for zlib's main() function)


Hmmm not seeing this work with eatdrink 3.2 from svn:

> zlib eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake = true
No setting named 'eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake' exists.

I had to manually edit /data/vars_myCharName.txt and add
eatdrink_avoid_blood-soaked_sponge_cake true

(make sure that's a tab not a space dividing the setting and value


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Theraze - it's been four months. Are you listening and coming back?

It would be quite nice if Eatdrink understood what can only be consumed and cannot be consumed in Dark Gyfte.


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Sorry, still shuffling along but so very distracted and it's been months since I switched back to the window with the forum. Oops. Anyways, EatDrink should now check against the Vampyre in the notes field and only allow those for DG, ban otherwise.


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I'm having a hard time using this and was wondering if I could get some help. I'm a really new player and when I try to run it it gives me an error saying that it's unable to buy me a chef or bartender in a box. I'm okay with doing without for now as I don't have enough meat to purchase one but the script wont run without it how can I fix?


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I'm not sure when the last time EatDrink worked but I get this now.

Starting EatDrink.ash (version 3.2).
Consuming up to 15 food, 20 booze, and 0 spleen
Considering food from inventory Hagnk's Coinmasters NPCs the mall. Per-item budget cap is 0.0.
Retrieval cap is 20000. Price will be a factor if you own it already.
An adventure has the value of 500 meat. Moxie subpoint is 10.0. Nonprime stat subpoint is 2.0.
Simulating only; no purchases or food/drink/spleen consumption.
Pass 1: booze.
booze: At 0, consuming to 20 with 0 meat.
No booze available that's good enough. Found 0 items first. Moving on.
Pass 2: food.
food: At 0, consuming to 15 with 0 meat.
No food available that's good enough. Found 0 items first. Moving on.
Pass 3: spleen.
Skipping spleen.
Pass 4: booze.
Skipping booze.
choc: Checking non-filling crimbo chocolates - all 3 kinds
Best find was chocolate disco ball with a value of -3897. That's no good, so not consuming and moving on.
Spent 0 meat with additional expenditures of 0 meat. Gained Fullness: 0. Inebriety: 0. Spleen: 0.
Adventures: 0. Muscle: 0. Moxie: 0. Mysticality: 0.
Eating, drinking, and spleening complete. Commence merrymaking (at your own discretion).

I've tried changing value per adventure but no luck. Suggestions are welcome.


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At 0, consuming to 20 with 0 meat.

That strongly suggests to me that you have no meat available to acquire food or drink.

I still run ED daily and except for not understanding milk anymore it works fine for me.


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I agree with your interpretation but it makes no sense. The character has quite a bit of meat available.

Does mafia think all that meat is available? Are you willing to try not simulating and see what happens? The usual questions about being allowed to buy from the mall and having autobuy price set to something reasonable could be asked but I'm not sure ED would give that introductory output if one of those were wrong.

just to make sure that any claims I make from looking at the script are valid, are you running teh latest SVN version with no local mods?


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Since your item budget cap is zero. Either eatdrink_priceFlexibility or eatdrink_budget must be zero. You can run "zlib eatdrink" to see all these values. By default they should be 1.25 and 20000.


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Somehow eatdrink_budget was set to zero. It is now set to the default. I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens. Thank you!

Edit: eatdrink_budget was the problem. Thank you!
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