Dwarf Digit Code


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So I see that mafia automatically solves the dwarf digits for you when gambling, which is nice cause that's the most annoying part of the puzzle, but how do you access this information? Is there a CLI command I'm missing to help with this?


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Specifically, what information do you want to access, when, and how?
It has been many years since I looked at this.


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Well when it says "the dwarf digit code is solved!" after gambling, I assume that it has mapped the runes to digits 1-7. Knowing that it's solved is nice but I want to know what it knows so I can finish making the gear. I assumed it would annotate the runes in the relay browser or maybe the dwarven machines, but I'm not seeing anything.


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'pref lastdwarf' seems to have a lot of tracked dwarf stuff. Maybe 'lastDwarfDigitRunes' is what you are looking for?


It's also been years since I've done that content, but I think the "factory" CLI command may be relevant?