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I had to do a lot of upgrades to continue building .jar files after the migration to github. By the time I was finally able to build and run the new code base, I had to uprade my OS (to macOS Monterey 12.0.1), Java (to Java 17), Firefox (to Firefox 95.0), and other assorted editors and tools. I seem to be able to build and run now, but there are still some differences that I don't know how to deal with. This thread is to ask about the appearence of the Mafia browser window. After the update it appears "drab". Several things that used to have colors no longer seem to have them.The little progress bars in the left-hand pane that Muscle/Myst/Moxie and HP/MP are just white; they don't show the progess in color as they used to. In the topmenu Options/Chat/Manage your Chat Colors, the Color reference table shows up in just black and white; no actual colors as this screenshot taken from a Java 8 Sourceforge build on another computer, which still runs my old stuff.ColorOptions.jpg

That's the way it used to look, Thanks for any suggestions on where to start looking to get my colors back or tips on what the problem might be.

Edit: Converted the file to .jpeg and uploaded it above.

Noticed another problem while poking around at this. I tried to execute "java --vers" to get info about my current java version and get the response

java --vers
Unrecognized option: --vers
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

I've been running my .jar files by just double-clicking them and hadn't even noticed this. Any idea why the JavaLauncher utility can open my Java Virtual Machine but a command line can't? This is way out of my league. Thanks for any help or ideas on where to look.
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There are look and feel options that will effect mafia but I can't recall anything that is explicitly about the relay browser window.

I'm 99 44/100's % sure a gif or jpg can be attached/inserted directly.