Does a script to manage soulsauce exist?

Tom Sawyer

Was poking around but did not see. In a nutshell to all the scripting gurus is it possible to have a script that will check one's mana as mafia itself does in HP/MP Usage and if mana is less than x cast soulfood using soulsauce? Playing in Slow and Steady as a sauceror and it generates a TON of soulfood :)


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I put this in my after adventure script, and setup mana burn as necessary to keep by MP used:

if (my_soulsauce()>=90) { use_skill(5,$skill[soul food]); }


my preAdventureScript burns off soul sauce with the following function:

void sauce() {
	if(my_class() == $class[Sauceror]) {
		if((my_soulsauce() > 75 && have_effect($effect[Soulerskates]) < 20) || (my_soulsauce() > 35 && have_effect($effect[Soulerskates]) < 5))
			use_skill(1, $skill[Soul Rotation]);
		if(my_soulsauce() > 90 && my_mp() < my_maxmp() - 15)
			use_skill((my_soulsauce() - 90)/5, $skill[Soul Food]);
		if(my_soulsauce() > 93)
			use_skill(1, $skill[Soul Rotation]);