Bug desertExploration Updated Twice in One Fight


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Script I was running (loopgyou) crashed because it failed to open the pyramid even though desertExploration was 100. When looking in game exploration was really 98. Seems to be due to property being updated twice in a single combat. First update looks suspect to me as normally it is updated after all the After Battle things. Unfortunately don't have DEBUG log and don't know how to reproduce.

Have enabled debugging in my script wrapper so if happens again will upload. I had compass and camel equipped so incrementing by 3 is correct.

[255] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
Preference lastEncounter changed from giant giant giant centipede to rock scorpion
Encounter: rock scorpion
Preference crystalBallPredictions changed from 254:The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert:rock scorpion to
Round 0: Alium wins initiative!
Preference crystalBallPredictions changed from  to 254:The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert:cactuary
Round 1: You look in the mini crystal ball -- it looks like there's a cactuary prowling around nearby.
Round 1: Alium executes a macro!
Round 1: Alium uses the rock band flyers!
Round 2: You lose 19 hit points
Preference flyeredML changed from 4655 to 4834
Round 2: Alium casts INFINITE LOOP!
Round 3: rock scorpion takes 246 damage.
Round 3: Alium wins the fight!
After Battle: You watch the little you inside the mini crystal ball for a bit. They seem unusually competent. (+5 Stats)
After Battle: Fruderick kicks you in the ankle, in just the right place to be very effective chiropracty. If that's a word.
After Battle: You gain 11 hit points

Update #1
Preference desertExploration changed from 77 to 80
After Battle: You gain 6 Mana Points
You gain 668 Meat
Preference camelSpit changed from 50 to 53
After Battle: You hear a loud schlurrrrrk! You hear a loud schlurrrrrk! noise, and turn to see Fruderick sucking the liquid out of a bottle of malt liquor he found somewhere. (53% full)
After Battle: Your bulk increases as your nanites absorb the remains.
After Battle: You gain 1 Muscle
After Battle: You follow Fruderick further into the desert, since he seems to have a much better idea of where he's going than you do.
Preference lastCopyableMonster changed from giant giant giant centipede to rock scorpion
Preference _boomBoxFights changed from 8 to 9

Update #2
Preference desertExploration changed from 80 to 83
Preference crystalBallPredictions changed from 254:The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert:cactuary to 255:The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert:cactuary


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In the off chance that I am able to insert a related bird in the trajectory of the stone thrown to fix this bug, I'll also mention here that my desert tracking was off recently too with both the compass and the survival knife equipped. The page text said +4% explored after each fight but the property was only advancing by 2 or 3. If this is too unrelated to piggyback on this bug report, I'll grab the page text next time and report it properly as a separate bird, to be killed with its own unique stone.


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I decided to give Quantum Terrarium a go, so I ascended yesterday. Today I got a survival knife - and a Melodramedary - after I had unlocked the desert and bought a UV compass. Getting +5 desert exploration per turn was nice for a while. Freed the king with 10 turns left today. Not sure I've ever done a 2-day HC run before. Out of Standard, KoL autopulls all of your IOTMs. :)

I got logs, and coded up a fix.