New Content - Implemented Default values for coiceadventures in Mer-kin Elementary School


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There are a number of choice adventures in the Mer-kin Elementary School that are currently not in Mafia:

396: default 3 (opens choiceadv 399, other options loses HP)
397: default 2 (opens choiceadv 400, other options loses HP)
398: default 1 (opens choiceadv 401, other options loses HP)

399: choice 1 (fight a mer-kin monitor), choice 2 (acquire mer-kin sawdust)
400: choice 1 (fight a mer-kin teacher), choice 2 (acquire mer-kin cancerstick)
401: choice 1 (fight a mer-kin punisher), choice 2 (acquire 1 mer-kin wordquiz, 3 with a mer-kin bunwig in inventory) as well as a mer-kin facecowl or waistrope if you do not have them (or the scholar outfit pieces)

705: Unlocked by having a mer-kin hallpass in inventory, options available dependent on which of the 399-401 choices has been unlocked
choice 1: FIght mer-kin spectre (always available)
choice 2: same as choice 2 for 399 (available if 399 is)
choice 3: same as choice 2 for 400 (available if 400 is)
choice 4: same as choice 2 for 401 (available if 401 is)

For 399-401 I'm not sure what the best default option is, but for 705 choice 1 seems to be the best bet since that is always available.


It's likely that I won't ever be in the Elementary School again, so I don't really remember the mechanics there. Is it possible that someone would prefer losing HP to adding another noncombat to the possible encounters that can show up? The first thing that comes to mind is that someone might be farming wordquizzes from 401.


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I guess not unlocking the new choice adventures would increase the chances of getting the wordquizzes, so perhaps set defaults to 0 then. I mainly want an easier way of setting the choices for when I go through there :)


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While I could see setting the 396-398 once-per-right-choice-per-ascension choices so that people can choose between a free no-combat item and a choice of a specific combat, I'd heavily suggest that 399-401 and 705 remain at the user's discretion. Personally, I'd much rather NOT have automation default to fighting a monster that will not help the quest in the slightest.