Deactivating the relay-browser option for ultra rares.


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Is there anyway of deactivating the "On browser event" when the character is faced with an ulta-rare? If it is, where should I look for it?


Why do you want to do that? And if we provided a way to do that, you selected it, you found an ultra-rare while autoadventuring, and you lost the battle because you didn't have your CCS set up to defeat the monster, would you publicly badmouth KoLmafia (as I have seen people do in other situations when KoLmafia has dutifully done what they told it to do - like eating 15 fortune cookies - which they regretted)?


If you wanted your turns to be fully automated while in a different city/country/whatever, then automating the fight would at least get you a consolation ribbon (and possibly the UR if you're overleveled for the zone) compared to getting nothing.

That's a reason, not necessarily a good one.


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So use visit_url to adventure and the use_skill alias to automate your combats. And don't complain when inevitable tragedy strikes. :)