Custom daily deeds


New member
Is there a way to add a custom daily deed that goes to a store in the mall and purchases an item - specifically as a way to remind myself to always purchase certain items that are cheap but limit one per day. I've looked a little at the custom deeds interface and the guide but I'm not great at scripting and I got confused quick.

Clarification: I'm not asking anyone to write a script for me, just tell me if it's possible and hopefully point me in the right direction.



Staff member

You want a command that goes to the store and buys an item. The buy command will do that but if you want to go to a specific store or buy every item on a list then you probably want a script.

You could use a daily deed to call your script.

But you might want to consider writing the script and then just always calling it once, during login or logout. Then you don't have to remember everything.

In general, mafia's acquisition of mall items will get the lowest priced one available so you might want to sit back and figure out exactly what you are trying to do.