Bug clownosity incorrectly includes duplicates


your clownosity doesn't increase if you have, let's say, 3 big red clown nose as your 3 accessories. Yet, mafia currently adds each of them to your clownosity.

In other words, your clownosity is only increased for every *different* piece of clown equipment, and this is currently not handled.


Maximizing for Clownosity works fine, because of the following line in modifiers.txt:

# Unique items section of modifiers.txt.
# These are items that all contribute to a modifier, but only once per unique item.
# Consider them to be SIngle Equip, insofar as the specified modifier is concerned.

Unique    Clowniness    balloon helmet/clown wig/foolscap fool's cap/bloody clown pants/clownskin harness/balloon sword/clown whip/clownskin buckler/big red clown nose/clown shoes/clownskin belt/polka-dot bow tie
Unique    Surgeonosity    bloodied surgical dungarees/surgical apron/half-size scalpel/head mirror/surgical mask
But apparently you are manually equipping them. Why would you do that?


We should fix this yeah. For now I would parse modifiers.txt and read that Unique Clowniness line, split by slash and process each one to see if you're wearing at least one and if so adding its clown modifier.


isn't there already something handling that "the effects only matters for *different* pieces"?
e.g. cloathing of loathing?