Chromebook Linux problem

Grandpa Joe

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hey there!

Now, I know very little about linux, and the newer chromebooks have support for it. I managed to install java and got mafia running, but it will not allow me to use a web browser for the relay browser. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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But how did you fix it? If you remember, please.
I'm wondering if I can use KoLmafia on a Raspberry Pi, so I'm starting to collect information. Thanks.

Grandpa Joe hasn't visited in over two years so you might not get an answer.

Speaking from memory, most of the issues I recall about running KoLmafia on "other" devices are rooted in the nature of the Java support on those devices. Not everything that calls itself Java is actually 100% compatible with what KoLmafia expects. The Swing library comes to mind as one of the pain points. In theory Swing should not be needed when running KolMafia headless but there were a number of places where Swing had to have some presence for KoLmafia to start. Several were recoded and implemented but I don't recall success being reported.

Since the specific issue was launching a relay browser, I would investigate a couple of things around that. First I think KoLmafia has tweaked how it deals with the relay browser within the past few years so it may be that the initial problem has been resolved by KoLmafia changes. Java needs to be able to launch the browser so there are permissions or security settings that may need to be changed for that to happen. The operating system may behave differently when the browser is the "default" compared to a user specified program.

Anyway, if you try it on a Raspberry Pi, please report success or failure :)