Bug Choice adventure 402 in Haunted Bathroom is retired

According to the Haunted Bathroom page on the wiki, Don't Hold a Grudge (choice adv #402) was retired on 2014. However, KoLmafia still shows a choice adv dropdown for this noncombat:


I've adventured >200 times in the Haunted Bathroom during my last ascension, but never encountered it.


Thank you for telling us about a server-side change that none of us knew about.
I am sorry that our failure to remove a choice option for an adventure you never see adversely affected your life.
High priority bug!

(Server side changes are New Content, not Bugs, right?)
I did consider marking it as New Content, but decided against it because I wasn't sure if a removal of content also counted as one. I'm sorry if it was a mistake. I didn't mean to emburden you or the other devs, and I perfectly understand that it's low priority.