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Today I noticed something I've not noticed before, and that is that I have two types of Krueggerands in my inventory.

[COLOR=olive]> inv freddy[/COLOR]

Freddy Kruegerands (11)
Freddy      Krueggerand (627)

For some reason 11 of them are missing a g. I guess these 11 correspond to the ones I got from choice adventures in Dreadsylvania today since they are also in my session log together with 141 normal ones.

It would appear that the plural is missing a g as confirmed by putting three of them in my closet and KoL reporting "You stored 3 Freddy Kruegerands in your closet.", so the plural doesn't fully comply with the "add an s" rule. I would guess that this is a KoL-bug but as it stands there is a difference between Mafia's view and KoL's view.


If you look at the item description, they removed a "g" from both the single and the plural name of the item.


And if you go into the Terrified Eagle Inn, you see that they are looking for single-"g" Freddies.

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