CCS not using any actions other than those under [ default ]


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This is with r26660. I decided to try the new Fall of the Dinosaurs path and what follows may be related to the new path but I'm not sure.
I'm playing in the relay browser and using the "script" button, in the relay browser, to run my CCS.

I've spent a lot of time in aftercore recently, running VMF so I have no idea when this started but my CCS is ignoring any actions that aren't under the [ default ] section.

I've created several new custom combat scripts to test and the issue remains. Here's the current one:

[ archelon ]
attack with weapon

[ default ]
consult SimpleSmack.ash

[ pterodactyl ]
skill curse of weaksauce
skill saucestorm

[ velociraptor ]
skill saucegeyser

Whatever I put under [ default ] executes as expected no matter what it is but anything that isn't under [ default ] is ever reached.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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My first guess (not looking at any code, not having touched the new path, not having automated any adventuring at all this year at least) is that the dinosaur adjectives you are using aren't considered to be part of the monster's name according to KoLmafia, so those sections aren't matching.