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Please allow me to see more of the text of a CCS. To explain:

I've been troubled by this for a while, but until recently I've been too lazy about CCS setup to really care; when I'm not in "edit" mode, and I am in the default "view" mode, only the first 17 characters (preceded by line number, and followed by an ellipsis) are shown. This means that for any BALLS (KoL combat macro) command that includes anything "fancy" like a predicate, I have no real idea what the line does. This also causes some trouble on mistyped lines, where the very helpful "note unknown/ambiguous..." is put before an unrecognized command; sometimes this gets cut off on long BALLS lines if the problem occurs late enough.

I realize this is likely specific to my settings, since no one else seems to have noticed it, so here's what I have that I think may be relevant:

OS Windows 7, 64-bit
Java v1.6.0_25-b06
Look & Feel Preferences: (Java) Always use default OS Look & Feel


I will check when I get home, but it hasn't mattered what I've put in, that I've noticed thus far. Any CCS with >17 characters on one line showed the listed behavior.

I'm wondering if perhaps in one of my various CCS's I have something that's causing this... I will first "blank out" my CCS file and start from scratch, if that might be at all helpful in tracking this down.


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Not in so many words, but you can enter KoL combat macro commands into the CCS-window and have Mafia seamlessly use it as a KoL-macro.


I realize this is likely specific to my settings, since no one else seems to have noticed it. . .

I'd never noticed it before you mentioned it, but now that you have... It's actually a hard-coded limit. I have no clue whether it was originally a fix to a specific problem, or a precautionary means to make sure long CCS lines didn't crash into the right edge of the ui, or what, but changing the limit from 20 to 80 works just fine on my system.


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Hmm... if it's a hard-coded limit, but it's there because it does cause problems on some systems (probably low-res displays?), then maybe it could operate off of a user preference?

Edit: Actually, global preference is probably more appropriate.


I can't really tell why there's a need to truncate at all there actually. Perhaps there was an issue with JTree in older JREs, but as far as I can tell we're fine just letting combat actions be arbitrarily long in that display. r11201