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A martini is made from a bottle of gin and an olive.
You can make a bottle of gin by fermenting juniper berries.
You can purchase an olive from the hippy store.
As far as I know, the carriageman will happily drink martinis.

This G-D thread says he will not drink:

- Any booze you can buy directly from an NPC
- The three kinds of base booze you can make by fermenting hippy store things
- dusty bottles of wine

I don't know of a more definitive list of what he rejects.

Carriageman won't drink bloody marys, salty dog, vodka martini. I am guessing this got fixed today.


if (npc_price(item)) > 0 abort.
foreach it in get_ingredients(item) if (npc_price(it) > 0) abort.

Or something similar?

That's what it was doing, though I've changed it to only abort if all of the ingredients are NPC items, since that's presumably how it works. If he won't accept, say, wine spritzers, I'll change it back to the above thing.

Didn't know about the dusty bottles; those are now blocked.

Carriageman won't drink bloody marys, salty dog, vodka martini. I am guessing this got fixed today.

Yeah, I guess this is new. Time to test Mafia's recursive function capabilities...

...OK, it should now only allow booze that cannot be made entirely with NPC items. Oddly enough, there actually aren't a whole lot of invalid ones. Because of reasons, here's the list of not-NPC-but-contains-entirely-NPC-ingredients booze:

20. vodka and tonic (5530 meat, 7 sheets, 790 meat per sheet)
19. gin and tonic (5350 meat, 7 sheets, 764 meat per sheet)
18. gibson (5334 meat, 7 sheets, 762 meat per sheet)
17. whiskey bittersweet (5100 meat, 7 sheets, 728 meat per sheet)
16. rabbit punch (4990 meat, 7 sheets, 712 meat per sheet)
15. vodka gibson (4400 meat, 7 sheets, 628 meat per sheet)
14. bottle of Definit (2299 meat, 6 sheets, 383 meat per sheet)
13. bottle of Domesticated Turkey (2235 meat, 6 sheets, 372 meat per sheet)
12. bottle of Calcutta Emerald (2050 meat, 6 sheets, 341 meat per sheet)
11. shot of orange schnapps (240 meat, 2 sheets, 120 meat per sheet)
----- shot of grapefruit schnapps (240 meat, 2 sheets)
----- shot of tomato schnapps (240 meat, 2 sheets)
10. whiskey and soda (345 meat, 5 sheets, 69 meat per sheet)
9. plum wine (410 meat, 6 sheets, 68 meat per sheet)
----- shot of pear schnapps (410 meat, 6 sheets)
----- shot of peach schnapps (410 meat, 6 sheets)
8. fine wine (132 meat, 2 sheets, 66 meat per sheet)
7. whiskey sour (251 meat, 5 sheets, 50 meat per sheet)
6. vodka martini (249 meat, 5 sheets, 49 meat per sheet)
5. salty dog (219 meat, 5 sheets, 43 meat per sheet)
4. bottle of vodka (124 meat, 3 sheets, 41 meat per sheet)
3. bottle of gin (123 meat, 3 sheets, 41 meat per sheet)
----- martini (205 meat, 5 sheets)
----- bottle of whiskey (123 meat, 3 sheets)
2. bloody mary (194 meat, 5 sheets, 38 meat per sheet)
1. screwdriver (185 meat, 5 sheets, 37 meat per sheet)
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sleepy g

carriageman did drink vodka martinis and bloodies mary last night when I posted the problem.

I am guessing the problem just surfaced as all the super cheap booze got used up in the mall.

And yep... Big Voddy party at my place on Saturday night.. just bring mixers.


Jick just changed the Carriageman so that he won't accept drinks that can be made by mixing base booze with hippy fruit.

He posted HERE:
Jick said:
The Carriageman was always meant to be a booze sink, not a Meat sink. Sorry for the inconvenience.