c2t_megg -- mimic egg interfaces and relay overrides


c2t_megg adds various functions and commands for mimic eggs from the chest mimic. It also contains relay override scripts that will modify the "Mimic DNA Bank" and "Differentiate this Egg" pages to make the drop-down menus searchable, and disables donating eggs that it knows are already maximally donated. A list of maximally donated eggs is maintained in order to help prevent donating eggs that are no longer needed for cases when when the list is unavailable on the Mimic DNA Bank page itself.

git checkout https://github.com/C2Talon/c2t_megg.git master

Includes for import:

* boolean c2t_megg_donate(monster) to donate; monster can be omitted to randomly donate eggs; it will donate as many of monster as it can at once; it will not donate any eggs that are known to be max by either the page or the list it stores it to the data folder; to update said list, the pre-adventure function below may help facilitate that
* boolean c2t_megg_extract(monster) to extract monster from the bank
* boolean c2t_megg_fight(monster) to be put in combat with monster from a mimic egg; does not automate the fight itself, so that bit is on you
* boolean c2t_megg_preAdv() to add to a pre-adventure script to update the max egg list whenever you have enough familiar experience to do so, but with a limit of 30 minutes between each check by default; the min time between each check can be changed via the c2t_megg_timeLimit pref (in minutes)
* boolean c2t_megg_update() updates the max egg list without the time limits of the function meant for pre-adventures
* boolean[monster] c2t_megg_maxed() returns a map of monsters that are maximally donated, as read by the data file
* int[monster] c2t_megg_eggs() returns a map of monsters that are contained within mimic eggs the user has, with the value as the quantity of each, as parsed from the item description. note: monster names that belong to more than 1 monster will fail to convert to monster type, but all failures will be summed up under $monster[none]

Most of the above functions can also be accessed via the CLI. The list of commands and a short description of what each does will be displayed with the following:
c2t_megg help

Relay overrides
When visiting the Mimic DNA Bank in the relay browser, the maxed egg list will be updated automatically if able. The script will also clean up the the names of monsters by removing the articles at the beginning, as well as making the drop-down menus searchable. It will also disable donating mimic eggs in the drop-down menu that it knows are already maximally donated to prevent wasted effort in maximizing more monsters. Examples of the relay modifications are shown in the attachments.

By default, the bit of the relay overrides that modify the pages will be on, but they can be disabled or re-enabled with the following:
c2t_megg cleaner <on|off>

Github repo
Any bug reports and such should be put in the issue tracker of the repo. Bugs and such can be posted here as well, but just realise there'll be a longer delay as I don't check here as often.


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Also, I have a separate relay override script that makes use of c2t_megg to modify the fight page to show the status of mimic egg donations to the Mimic DNA Bank of the monster you are fighting.

It's not as simple as just installing it and it working, especially if you have some other script modifying fight.ash in the relay folder. So detailed instructions are on the github repo:



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Nice! I was just starting to worry about this becoming a problem.

I had to
svn delete batman-re
to free up relay/fight.ash, but I hadn't been using it anyway.