Bug - Fixed Buying/using stuff at the Getaway Campsite doesn't track inventory amounts correctly.

When I buy stuff from the campfire, the number of sticks of firewood doesn't appear to go down.
I just started a new Normal Standard run, pulled a bundle of firewood (in the item manager storage tab) then used it (in the item manager recent tab) turn it into 10 sticks of firewood. I then bought the whittled tiara and a burnt stick (in the relay browser).
The general and recent tab in item manager still shows 10 sticks of firewood when at this point I actually have 4. It also shows I still have 1 burnt stick even though I also used it to decorate my tent so I can get a +exp buff when resting.

If I do "refresh inv" on the CLI the general tab in the item manager then lists the correct amounts but this doesn't fix the recent tab (which is probably a general issue not necessarily related to this but I thought I'd mention it).

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Good spot! Fixed in r hingmy
Good spot! Fixed in r hingmy
I see living in Scotland has had a positive effect on your vocabulary 😜
(for everyone else, "hingmy" is the Scottish equivalent of "wossname").

All jokes aside, cheers for the super fast fix. I'll give it a test in my next run (which will be sometime on Monday in KoL once my current run has finished) to confirm it's all good.
Buying stuff at the campfire is now tracked correctly but using a burnt stick to draw on your tent still doesn't remove the burnt stick from inventory count (it's definitely gone in game, I checked with /count and manually looked in the misc section of inventory).