Best way to (create / acquire and) reequip shattered sugar shirt?

Hello, friends. I would like KoLmafia to make a new sugar shirt if it's needed, and in any case replace one that just shattered, instead of aborting automated adventuring. I thought it used to do that for me. I remember discovering it and being disappointed because I didn't know it would keep using sugar sheets. (I've been away 9 to 10 years, by the way. And memory is not always trustworthy.) I think I have found related threads from years past:

In your mood, add an unconditional trigger: stickers UPC, UPC, UPC (or whatever kind of stickers you want.)
Mafia will only redo the stickers when they actually fall off.

  1. put a check in a before- or after- adventuring script to equip a weapon
  2. loop your adventures and add a command to equip a weapon after every adventure in that loop
  3. make a consult script that aborts if a monster disarms you
The first one helps with the apple, apple, apple sword I have equipped on my main hand. That was a fortuitous find. I wonder if that second quote might be relevant to my sugar shirt issue, but I don't understand any of those numbered things. I'm pretty sure 10 years ago I used a before- or after-adventure script, and I believe I can learn again.
Is it simpler / better to add an unconditional trigger to my current Mood of "equip sugar shirt"?

Nope. Unconditional triger equip sugar shirt does not do what I want. Instead:

After Battle: You gain 39 Fortitude
After Battle: You gain 25 Magicalness
After Battle: You gain 28 Sarcasm

Putting on sugar shirt...
Equipment changed.
Taking off sugar shirt...
Equipment changed.

After the shirt breaks, it puts one on and then takes it off after every battle. I've looked and looked in KoLmafia, so I assume there's a settings I've passed by 19 times. I appreciate any suggestions.

Edit: This is my current outfit. Familiar is baby sandworm with wax lips equipped.
spangly sombrero
scratch 'n' sniff sword
Operation Patriot Shield
sugar shirt
Camp Scout backpack
troll britches
Loathing Legion necktie
night-vision goggles
V for Vivala mask
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