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Do NOT use wordpad. It messes up the script file badly.

Use Notepad++

After installing notepad++ you should download the attached file and unzip it. The using notepad++ you import it as a user language for KoLmafia syntax highlighting. It makes everything amazingly easier.

Language -> User-defined -> Import


  • KoLmafia Syntax Highlighting.zip
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Done and done. Thanks for the info.

Hmm... And now for a more tricky modification to try... What if I want to make a "not lame" list, of APs that I'd rather use? Would it be as simple as defining the list, and telling the script to put only those in the closet for random use, and then telling it to sell whatever APs aren't on the list?

Nope... I managed to autosell some stuff I didn't want to. The first couple of attempts ended up just making it sell the APs I didn't want it to sell, then it shut itself down. My latest modification somehow made it want to sell EVERYTHING in my inventory. Fortunately, nothing valuable got sold before I made Mafia stop it...
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