Autumn-aton Override


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What is it?

Simple script that groups Autumn-aton destinations after difficulty and indoor/outdoor/underground. It also adds a short reminder wahat the different upgrades found in these destinations do. Destinaton groups that have upgrades not yet installed are marked with an asterisk (*).
I also included a checkbox to show just the locations where you have missing upgrades, to make it easier to fully deck out your fallbot.


I found myself often referring to the Wiki to see what upgrades I was missing, and/or where to find them. This makes it easier to decide where to send your Autumn-aton next.


git checkout MattiasKro/AutumnUpgrades


If you know your Autumn-aton well and have a fixed progression path you might find it harder to find the specific destination you're looking for, since the list is no longer just in alphabetical order. It's too early to tell for me if this is useful in the long run.




If you know what zone you want you can just type in the bar to seek the right zone. However, a potentially better way to handle this override would be to let the user filter between all choices (as you can in the base version), and choice types (high indoor, low outdoor, etc), while still keeping the upgrade explanations. is a good example of the same kind of filter tech.