A request for contributors


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I have come to the conclusion that I currently do not have the time to play nor support my scripts. I really wish that this would change, but it is unlikely to happen before at least new year. Work is getting increasingly busy and it won't get less anytime soon and that is where I've done most of my coding and playing due to the kid eating up any available time at home.

As such I would like to see if there are any on here willing to help out with the support of the scripts I currently own/maintain. These are:

If you want to help out let me know and I'll try to figure out how to add you to the sourceforge project.


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I'd at least be interested in poking at them and fixing when stuff breaks. I've used all of those except for the Sushi script, which is sort of funny since I made TheSea, but at that point Fishy Juice was still cheap because nobody ran underwater yet. :)


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I know 3 of those scripts well, the other one (sushi) I read through the code once a while ago but never used it. I'd be willing, as Theraze is, to fix stuff when it breaks but those are all pretty big and complicated scripts that I wouldn't want to be the figurehead of them.