New Content - Implemented 2019 IOTM Fourth of May Cosplay Saber


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That one is a Can't Fix because of how KoL itself responds: if you submit Use the Force in the same macro as other stuff, KoL itself does not respond with any indication of the result of the earlier actions. It just redirects to the choice.
And if you use a kolnative macro to autoattack with use the force, you never get to see the combat that happened, you get dumped right into the choice without knowing what monster you actually encountered (so better not get sniped by a time-spinner prank).

That interaction took me a while to figure out when I was coding up my drunk pygmy sabering for my free fight script, which was complicated by the fact that mafia didn't see the fight, so it would set _saberForceMonster to whatever you fought in the last combat that it did see. But yeah, I don't think theres a way to fix that, the force is just a REALLY weird ability, even within KoL.