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Thread: modtrace adv is failing r10892 with DEBUG log

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    Default modtrace adv is failing r10892 with DEBUG log

    Seems like if I have my disembodied hand with a time sword on, I get a debug log.
    If I put on any other familiar it works.

    Unexpected error, debug log printed.
    class java.lang.NullPointerException: null
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.DebugModifiers.add(DebugM
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.Modifiers.add(Modifiers.j ava:1467)
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLCharacter.recalculateA djustments(
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLCharacter.recalculateA djustments(
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.textui.command.ModifierTr
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLmafiaCLI.doExecuteComm and(
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLmafiaCLI.executeComman d(
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLmafiaCLI.executeLine(K
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.KoLmafiaCLI.executeLine(K
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.swingui.CommandDisplayFra me$CommandQueueHandler.handleQueue(CommandDisplayF
    at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.swingui.CommandDisplayFra me$ a:155)

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    Should be fixed in r10893; I don't have a Hand to test.
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    Just tested it.. works great now, thanks.

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