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Thread: stannius' semi-automatic spaaace script

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    Running what I think is the original from the first post. It failed to equip the unit and finish - it kept looping. Not sure why but I burned a lot of turns before I decided to stop it and figure it out :-) It also seemed to think it could get a wind up clock and medicinal herbs even though character is not a muscle class. In spite of that it still worked well enough to be useful. Thanks.
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    I agree with frono.
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    Finally got round to looking at why this script was looping for me - still not sure, as looking at the code I can't see how it ever realised it was complete so I'm obviously missing something (since it used to w*rk). zlib spaaace_escortmanually = true in the gCLI is a work-around though, since it'll abort at the escort and let you do it manually.

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