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Thread: BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

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    Aha, thanks for the heads up. A couple days ago I tried to add all the familiars I could to batfactors, and looks like I forgot that BatBrain parses familiars differently than it parses other events. I've just uploaded a new batfactors with rate 1, before the existing comment which I believe ought to solve that issue.
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    Line 1267 in batbrain.ash
       boolean are_attracting() { foreach s in $strings[gallapagosMonster, nosyNoseMonster, olfactedMonster, longConMonster, makeFriendsMonster] 
          if (to_monster(get_property(s)) == m) return true; return false; }
    gallapagosMonster should be _gallapagosMonster
    Otherwise it spams the mating call skill every adventure a zone it wants to attract a specific monster which burns a lot of MP unnecessarily.


    Changing "Invader" to "the invader" would get rid of this message. (BatBrain.ash, line 1093)
    Also also, if you have Gallapagosian Mating Call and Transcendent Olfaction, it'll only ever cast the first one. I've not tested with the Nosy Nose as my test account doesn't have one but it will also be similarly ignored as the code pasted above returns true for the first match from left to right.
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