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Thread: BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

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    @Magus: Thanks for the heads up. BatBrain was unaware of this because Zarqon either never knew it or completely forgot about it (the two are indistinguishable, as it happens). When the Zeppelin rolled out, I think most people still did the pirates, so it wasn't a priority. SS r42 adds some code for throwing glark cables at appropriate Zeppelin monsters, along with a few other small fixes and changes, such as prefacing all print statements generated by SS with "SS: ".
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    Normally I fight the shadow. in the tower, manually. Today I decided to let Simplesmack do it...

    Encounter: Shadow Cannelloni Conjurer
    Round 0: Arbos wins initiative!
    SimpleSmack queueing... (Monster HP: 395, base profit 5)
    SimpleSmack failed to kill the monster (395 HP remaining). Macro-ing with: attack;repeat
    Countdown: 3 seconds...
    Countdown: 2 seconds...
    Countdown: 1 second...
    Waiting completed.
    Round 1: Arbos executes a macro!
    Round 1: Arbos attacks!
    Round 2: You lose 177 hit points
    Round 2: Arbos attacks!
    Round 3: You lose 180 hit points
    Round 3: Arbos attacks!
    Round 4: You lose 180 hit points
    I had plenty of gauze garters in inventory.
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    This could be BatBrain, Smart Stasis or WHAM.

    The KoE invader bullet monster is not known. What happens for me is I consistently lose if I just let WHAM handle things.

    Since you only get two rounds to kill it before you lose I'm not sure whether updating BatBrain is sufficient to resolve the issue.

    Tangentially - would it be a reasonable FR to have WHAM and/or SmartStasis abort if a monster is found that is unknown to BatBrain? This would have to be opt in but most of the time I would rather abort than get beaten up.

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    The invader boss is another new monster for the path. The approach suggested in the wiki worked for me: reduce my base HP, boost elemental resists, funk-sling high damage combat items. In my case it was two gas cans.

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    For some reason SimpleSmack, via Batbrain, is choosing to cast expensive, 120 MP, Hobopolis spells like "Raise Backup Dancer" against monsters that it can easily kill with the equipped weapon. This is in HC Kingdom of Exploathing runs as, so far: Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, and Pastamancer.
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