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Thread: acquireBuff - Get a buff from a buffbot

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    Default acquireBuff - Get a buff from a buffbot

    [requires zlib]
    [visits external servers]

    Now with svn installation:
    svn checkout
    You cannot modify a setting by changing the value in script, instead type the following into the cli (change acquireBuff_max_price to the setting you wish to edit):
    zlib acquireBuff_max_price = 1000
    This script will attempt to get you a buff from a buffbot without needing to know the price or even the bot's name. It will only attempt to send meat to each buffbot once, if they're online, and if the price of the buff is less then your 'acquireBuff_max_price'. Once a buff is requested at a certain price it will not request using that price again. Philanthropic buffs are never considered. AT buffs are no longer requested if you're can't listen to any more songs.

    Future Improvements:

    • Removing buff packs from consideration, maybe

    Fun fact: I accidentally spent 100k on empathy while writing this script and now I have 60k turns remaining.

    1.7 Probable fix for sending a price to the wrong bot
    1.6 Fix a boolean function not returning true, which would break the script in a future mafia update.
    1.5 Move "Four Songs" check out of the top level so it will get resolved every run instead of just once.
    1.4 Slyz Fixes
    1.3 Checks if you can't acquire an at buff due to song count before requesting it
    1.2 Rename jingle bells to jingle jangle jingle, maybe something else idk
    1.1 Allow requesting a buff you already have

    1.0 Initial Release
    Last edited by Rinn; 10-23-2013 at 06:15 PM. Reason: version 1.7
    Better Basement Automation - Version 1.??? Someone else is maintaining this
    Get an effect from a buffbot
    - Version 1.4

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    Thanks Rinn!

    I haven't tried it out yet, but I know I generally request buffs from buffbots even when I already have turns of the effect running. Maybe you could add a variable that can be used in the while loop
    PHP Code:
    original_num_turns have_effect(e);
    have_effect(e) == original_num_turns)
    And a small advice: on top on being able to control verbosity, vprint() was also designed to save typing in a situation when you want to return a boolean value and print a message, so you could replace
    PHP Code:
    if (!try_acquire_buff(e))
    vprint("Unable to acquire " e.to_string(), "red"2);

    PHP Code:
    if (!try_acquire_buff(e))
    vprint("Unable to acquire " e.to_string(), -2); 
    (notice the 2 became negative, to return false, so the string will be printed in red).
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    "Future Improvements:
    AT song count checking"

    If it helps, for the script i'm working on when I wanted to check the song count I made a list of the known songs in an array and ran through them with a foreach. Then all you have to do is use a if statement with have_effect(array item) > 0 to see if that song is active. At that point just use an index variable to count this and at the end do an equip check for song total adding items such as the pendant.

    Handy script, I actually imported it for mine, when I get done with mine you might be interested in how i used your script.
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    You don't actually need an equip check, as the song modifiers (additional song and 4 songs) are both boolean modifiers.

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    As heeheehee said. This is what you need to know:

    boolean four_songs = boolean_modifier("four songs");
    boolean extra_song = boolean_modifier("additional song");
    int max_songs = 3 + to_int(four_songs) + to_int(extra_song);
    print("You can currently hold "+ max_songs +" songs in your head at a time.");
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    should save me a couple lines, guess i got to go fix stuff, ty

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    Oh. And this:

    int current_songs() {
       int total = 0;
       for skill_num from 6001 to 6040
          if(skill_num.to_skill() != $skill[none] && skill_num != 6025 && skill_num.to_effect().have_effect() > 0)
             total = total + 1;
       return total;
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    might be just because its late, but i tried acquireBuff($effect[buff]); where buff = "ode to booze" and got
    No known buffbot is able to provide Surreally Buff
    Unable to acquire Surreally Buff

    time for some sleep then i guess i'll figure it out later

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    It is possible the problem is the naming. The buff is called "the ode to booze". Please bear in mind that I have no idea and have not looked at the code

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    The skill is called The Ode to Booze, but the effect is called Ode to Booze, so the latter is what you want. It looks like you're passing "buff" to the function rather than "ode to booze", so it looks for a buff with "buff" in the name. If
    PHP Code:
    acquireBuff($effect[buff]); where buff "ode to booze" 
    is what you typed in, then that won't work, just use
    PHP Code:
    acquireBuff($effect[ode to booze]) 

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