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Thread: 2019 Crimbo

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    With Dolph's hat equipped, dolphins will now sometimes bat sea items they have stolen back to you (sometimes in the same combat they steal them). Mafia does not clear the dolphinItem property when this happens, so if you weren't paying attention or, say, you had a script that automatically fought dolphins for profitable items, you can waste a dolphin whistle fighting a dolphin to get an item you already got.


    HTML Code:
    <center><img src=/images/adventureimages/realdolphin.gif width=100 height=100></center>A dolphin swims up, nods to your hat, and bats an item toward you.<center><table class="item" style="float: none" rel="id=3764&s=70&q=0&d=1&g=0&t=1&n=1&m=0&p=0&u=b"><tr><td><img src="/images/itemimages/slug.gif" alt="slug of rum" title="slug of rum" class=hand onClick='descitem(297181259)' ></td><td valign=center class=effect>You acquire an item: <b>slug of rum</b> <font size=1>[<a href="javascript:singleUse('inv_booze.php','which=1&whichitem=3764&pwd=178ac3d7fe1de03eca7031f0643f6784&ajax=1');void(0);">drink</a>]</font></td></tr></table></center>
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    As Crimbo is now officially over, a bunch of stuff has changed

    • Baja sopapilla: no longer gives Baja, Humbug (+50% to Item Drops from Monsters (Underwater only))
    • glob of salty molasses: effect duration changed from 30 to 1.
    • intact anemone spike: physical damage changed from 500 to 100.
    • liquid SONAR: no longer attracts dolphin orphans. Probably slightly bugged at the moment (displays -10%).
    • oxygenated eggnog helmet: Base Stats Raised to At Least 200 removed.
    • peppermint harpoon gun: 100% Item Drops (Underwater only) removed.
    • Pressurized potion of possessiveness : 100% --> 30% Item Drops (Underwater only)
    • salty gumdrop: effect duration changed from 20 to 1.
    • Super-sweet fish goo: now (spoiled); same effect for 5 spleen.
    • The Crimbo Cafe consumables (fishelada, bowl of mernudo, ojo de pez burrito): each no longer provide a effect.

    The above was blatantly copied from with reckless abandon.

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    To add to the above, Peppermint Harpoon Gun has it's ability changed to:
    +100 Physical Damage (Underwater Only)

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    19690 updates those items. I guess all that's left is supporting that hat.

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