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    It would be useful to have the option to display a popup (like this) from the KoLMafia client with custom text. This would be as a command, and I think it would be useful, for example, so you could leave a chat script running that would open a popup whenever you're mentioned or a message is posted in a certain channel, so you can do something else with your computer without worrying about missing a message.

    This could also possibly be available as an option for certain actions like receiving chat messages or KMail (when you receive a KMail, a popup box opens telling you that you got one and showing the KMail text). This might be better suited to desktop notifications like the ones that this Python library displays, but I don't know how feasible that would be to implement.

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    Have you tried scripting something using ash logic and user_confirm() ?
    Does this accomplish what you want?

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    Hmm, I didn't see that because I was looking for something with only one option, but I guess that would work just as well. Sorry, thanks!

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