When automating during ronin at the hidden office building in the hidden city, KoLMafia v19.7 is not correctly creating the McClusky file after finding all 5 pages and the binder clip. I'm not sure why.
From the CLI:
Request 15 of 25 (HiddenCity: The Hidden Office Building) in progress...

[838] The Hidden Office Building
Encounter: Working Holiday
Encounter: pygmy witch accountant
Round 0: ClubbingKelp wins initiative!
Round 0: ClubbingKelp casts BAKE!
Round 1: pygmy witch accountant takes 35 damage.
Round 1: You lose 31 hit points
Round 1: ClubbingKelp casts CHOP!
Round 2: pygmy witch accountant takes 75 damage.
Round 2: pygmy witch accountant takes 33 damage.
Round 2: ClubbingKelp wins the fight!
You gain 148 Meat
You acquire an item: bone abacus
You acquire an item: adder
You acquire an item: McClusky file (page 5)
Verifying ingredients for McClusky file (complete) (1)...
Creating McClusky file (complete) (1)...
You are currently in a choice.
After Battle: You gain 16 Beefiness
You gain a Muscle point!
After Battle: You gain 22 Enchantedness
After Battle: You gain 9 Sarcasm
Mafia stopped automation and told me "You are currently in a choice", even though I wasn't. Examining my inventory reveals the unassembled file. What's going on here? I'm currently on an Avatar of Jarlsberg path, but I remember this happening on other paths before.