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Thread: Allegations of misconduct

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    And Phoenix, who is apparently trying to reach out to him personally on the forum, is being censored, which is why she had to release public statements on twitter instead.
    Originally Posted by fredg1 View Post
    More than you think (edit: I don't know if you were referring to Devonin's reply, or her response to Traveling Retard's post that got edited, so pardon if you meant Devonin's):
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    From the home page of the KoLwiki, copied October 7, 2019

    The KoL wiki is aware of the current controversy and various stories that are going around in the community. We'd like to clarify that this wiki is a community project not owned or maintained by the official KoL staff involved in these events. Though our full support goes out to the victims, we've decided to keep this community project and information source online at the current time.

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