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Thread: Autosell bug or possibly just a gift item bug

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    Lightbulb Autosell bug or possibly just a gift item bug

    EDIT NOT A BUG: I had stuffed hand turkeys in my item manager memento list. No idea how or why. Sorry--didn't even know that was a thing!


    So when I attempted to auto sell some stuffies with some code, I noticed I still had a stuffed hand turkey. It autosold everything but one stuffed hand turkey. Anyway, a couple of hours of testing later, here is some evidence for a bug:

    > ash item_amount($item[stuffed hand turkey]);
    Returned: 1
    > ash item_amount($item[1983]);
    Returned: 1
    > ash autosell(item_amount($item[stuffed hand turkey]), $item[stuffed hand turkey]);
    Returned: true
    > ash autosell(item_amount($item[1983]), $item[1983]);
    Returned: true
    > ash item_amount($item[1983]);
    Returned: 1
    > ash autosell(1, $item[1983]);
    Returned: true
    Mafia appears to know that I do indeed have a stuffed hand turkey, but can't sell it for some reason. The Dictator has experienced the same bug, but his version has no issue with hand turkeys; it's spade necklaces for him.

    I did some spading on a multi, and it refused to sell nearly all the klaw stuffies I had:

    If I can give any more helpful information, please ask.


    P.S. version is 18.11 r19201
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    Please read the EDIT and disregard. Sorry!

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    In case anyone else experiences mafia adding things to the memento list randomly,
    set mementoListActive = false
    appears to stop it.

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