I noticed my script was not handing in this quest when done a while ago & finally I remembered to grab the HTML on a day when I have the quest -> questEStSocialJusticeI.txt

Basically questEStSocialJusticeI isn't being set to "step1" when done.

[107806] Pirates of the Garbage Barges
Preference lastEncounter changed from garbage tourist to Witchess Knight
Encounter: Witchess Knight
Preference _lastCombatStarted changed from 20190526054237 to 20190526054348
Preference _sourceTerminalDigitizeMonsterCount changed from 3 to 4
Preference relayCounters changed from 107805:Digitize Monster loc=* type=wander:watch.gif to
Preference relayCounters changed from to 107855:Digitize Monster loc=* type=wander:watch.gif
Preference _stinkyCheeseCount changed from 31 to 32
Round 0: Malibu Stacey wins initiative!
WHAM: Running SmartStasis
Round 1: Malibu Stacey executes a macro!
Round 1: Malibu Stacey casts SUMMON LOVE GNATS!
Round 2: Light-Fingered Haroun bites your foe on the head and shakes them violently, as Saint Patrick was famous for doing all the time.
Round 2: Malibu Stacey casts EXTRACT!
You acquire an item: Source essence
Round 3: Malibu Stacey casts SING ALONG!
WHAM: Starting evaluation and performing of attack
WHAM: We are going to 1-shot with attack with your weapon.
Round 4: Malibu Stacey executes a macro!
Round 4: Malibu Stacey attacks!
Round 5: Witchess Knight takes 4188 damage.
Round 5: Malibu Stacey wins the fight!
You gain 283 Meat
After Battle: Light-Fingered Haroun shoots you a wink and does a little dance to disabuse onlookers of his nefarious intentions.
You acquire an item: jumping horseradish
You acquire an item: the kindest cold cut
You gain 34 Meat.
After Battle: Saint Light-Fingered Haroun barks or howls or makes whatever sort of excited animal noise is appropriate for a thing like Light-Fingered Haroun, and this gets you pumped up. (+4 Muscle Stats)
After Battle: You gain 31 Fortitude
After Battle: You gain 27 Wizardliness
After Battle: You gain 60 Sarcasm
After Battle: Light-Fingered Haroun disguises himself as someone who is asleep. Or... maybe he's just asleep.
After Battle: Light-Fingered Haroun takes note of any security cameras in the area.
Preference testudinalTeachings changed from 150:5|211:0|203:1|267:1|266:5|198:1|213:0|207:4|206:5|214:5|210:5|197:3|269:3|209:4|261:4 to 150:5|211:0|203:1|267:2|266:5|198:1|213:0|207:4|206:5|214:5|210:5|197:3|269:3|209:4|261:4
Preference _catBurglarCharge changed from 36 to 37
Preference _catBurglarCharge changed from 37 to 38
This combat did not cost a turn
Preference dinseySocialJusticeIProgress changed from 14 to 15

> refresh quests

Retrieving quest data...
Preference questEStSocialJusticeI changed from started to step1
Requests complete.
Pretty minor & easy to work around as dinseySocialJusticeIProgress is being updated correctly but I thought I'd report it all the same.