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Thread: Two Crazy Random Summer

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    So, thinking about it, I think what we'd need is:

    modifiers file containing:
    class, moonsign, item id, item name, modifier/effect (if present)
    We'd use item name to populate the item -> canonical item, so we recognise everything, and modifier to be parsed and then override modifiers.txt. Ideally we'd handle plurals also, but there is no way for a script to get those for items you don't have.

    consumption files containing:
    class, moonsign, item name, size, potency
    Presumably there is a simple equation in path for size x potency expected adventures and stats. We'd use the files to override the normal consumables data.

    Is that 'it' ?

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    We use statuseffects.txt to identify how to get an effect, particularly important when there are multiple sources. Some handling of that is probably important for the maximizer functioning as expected.

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    True, but I THINK we could build it with that data?

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    I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I scraped then entire item description for one class/sign combo. It is just pure HTML. The directory is 62 for Accordion Thief/Vole. The numbers in the file name are the item number. I was going to do more with this before posting, but I've run out of time before a camping trip. I wanted to make code to use this as a cache.

    Here's the code I used to create this. WARNING: lots of server hits.

    int [string] sign;
    sign["Mongoose"] = 0;
    sign["Wallaby"] = 1;
    sign["Vole"] = 2;
    sign["Platypus"] = 3;
    sign["Opossum"] = 4;
    sign["Marmot"] = 5;
    sign["Wombat"] = 6;
    sign["Blender"] = 7;
    sign["Packrat"] = 8;
    void main()
        string p = "TC/" + my_class().to_int()+sign[my_sign()] + "/";
        foreach i in $items[] {
            buffer d = visit_url("desc_item.php?whichitem="+i.descid);
            cli_execute("mirror " + p + i.to_int() + ".html");

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