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Thread: Step right up! Post monster Meat and/or item drop spading here!

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    Checked out Pirates of the Garbage Barges: each pirate has a common, a Manuel and a rare drop, and the flashy pirate drops everything at the rates the others have.

    flashy pirate:
    grogpagne, nasty snuff, beard incense: 15% each
    flashy dreadlocks: 10%
    dirty rigging rope, perfume-soaked bandana, sewage-clogged pistol: 5% each

    filthy pirate:
    grogpagne: 15%
    plunge-leg: 10%
    dirty rigging rope: 5%

    fishy pirate:
    beard incense: 15%
    bucket of fish juice: 10%
    perfume-soaked bandana: 5%

    funky pirate:
    nasty snuff: 15%
    funky eyepatch: 10%
    sewage-clogged pistol: 5%

    also: looks like the stinky fannypack isn't doubled by the broken champagne bottle (but is by Squint). I'm not perfectly sure, but it looks like that's how it is. This is complicated by other interactions in that area: e.g. Macrometeorite cancels PFC, but Replace Enemy doesn't (probably) (I might want to recheck Macro); surprisingly capacious handbag didn't work at all for a while...
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