I'm continuing to use Mercenary Mood and I find myself wishing that it were a bit more aggressive in handling ML.
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MM is sensitive to your threshold setting (a setting that's been around since AutoMCD, this script's grandfather), so if you want to run more +ML you can just increase your threshold. If you just want to run as much +ML as you can, zlib threshold = 1000 ought to cause MM to run much higher +ML. Low-skill characters can really run into problems running high ML so this is the desired behavior, I think.

Not sure what happened to you in Oil Peak. The +ML goal there is explicitly 100.

Also the Spirit of ... stuff is calculated based on the monsters in the zone, but the Spirit skills may also be being cast as part of MM's general buff maintenance since it's trying to operate generically, without a bunch of hardcoded names. So for now I've deliberately excluded the Spirit of... skills from generic consideration. And regardless, MM does need to use Peppermint when you're hunting for bridge materials, so I've also hardcoded some names there which ought to solve that. r19.