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Thread: July IotM - Cat Burglar (Familiar)

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    Default July IotM - Cat Burglar (Familiar)

    Just got it from SubscriptionBot

    Looking at item #9939...
    Unknown item found: kitten burglar (9939, 874990425)
    9939 kitten burglar 874990425 kittenburglar.gif grow t 0
    Item kitten burglar Free Pull
    New familiar: "Cat Burglar" (267) @ catburglar.gif

    Unknown item found: burglar/sleep mask (9940, 339615758)
    9940 burglar/sleep mask 339615758 cburglarmask.gif familiar t,d 75
    # Item burglar/sleep mask: Helps your Cat Burglar take naps more efficiently

    Description says "Is a fairy and also a leprechaun and also a George Clooney".

    Can't test it out as I'm overdrunk but /hardcore is saying it lets you pick an item from the last 3 encounters drops (excludes conditional drops like spice melange).

    [EDIT] The item choice 'Heist' starts off immediately available & has a number of 'charges' which appear to be replenished the more you use the familiar in adventures. Also the list of 3 monsters you can steal from is the last 3 you fought with the familiar excluding duplicates and bosses. The list doesn't update when you fight monsters with other familiars out.
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