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Thread: Sidebar resizing and showing 'no familiar' every few seconds in Ed the Undying run

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    Default Sidebar resizing and showing 'no familiar' every few seconds in Ed the Undying run

    I took a video to show this:

    Mafia version r18688
    Java JRE version 10.0.1+10
    Win10 version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
    Better Basement Automation - Version 1.??? Someone else is maintaining this
    Get an effect from a buffbot
    - Version 1.4

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    I've occasionally seen this happen, usually looking like your video. But, I remember at least once where the resizing was happening slowly enough that I was able to see uninterpreted HTML (ie I could see HTML tags printed as plain text) appearing where the familiar info is printed...the weight and drop info etc.. May be a clue, I'm not sure. Haven't really seen a consistently reproducible setup which will always cause this to happen.

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    Would need a debug log run whilst this is happening I think.

    I've taken a look at the code, and the only way I can see that this would happen is if one of the matches that set the EdServant value are wrong, and are matching, but not text that matches a servant.

    Given how fast that it I'm guessing it isn't the "Hey, Lazy Servant, get to work" you bark at your XXXXX." from chat pane.
    Could be the character pane sometimes doesn't have the servant name quite right.

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