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Thread: mime army infiltration glove

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    Default mime army infiltration glove

    I seem to have run across a bug with this new item which allows pickpocketing for non-moxie classes.

    Fighting with the item and clicking the "Pick Pocket" button in the browser, submits this link:

    PHP Code: 
    which works fine. Mafia recognizes it.

    When my fight script attempts to pickpocket, it submits this link:

    PHP Code: 
    Which has always worked fine, but in fact gives the "twiddle your thumbs" response with the new glove.

    Creating a macro of "pickpocket;" and submitting it through the browser:

    PHP Code: 
    This also fails with "twiddle your thumbs".

    Not sure where the bug is...In the KoL macro logic or maybe something in mafia ? So I am just posting here to see if any of the wizards around here know what is going on with this.


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    Possibly related, I just filed a KoL bug report about the infiltration glove: for non-moxie classes or when you don't get the jump (longer) combat macro will skip over the pick pocket command without aborting, which is really nice, except it still seems to do this even when you have the infiltration glove equipped. I'm also not allowed to set pick pocket as my autoattack (since I don't have the skill). The latter makes sense, the tiny black hole won't allow it either, and neither will any other conditional skill, probably to stop stuff from breaking. But, the tiny black hole does let a pickpocket command fire just fine in a combat macro, unlike this one.
    So, while I don't know if that's the problem here, it certainly could be a KoL problem rather than a mafia one, you could try the tiny black hole to see if you run into the same problem.

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    Looks like a KoL bug to me.

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