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Thread: My personal Meat farming script

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    I have considered allowing configured moods.

    As a workaround for now, have you considered a KingLiberated script? I have one which pulls/closets/visits LTT and Detective Precinct to get cowboy boots/badge, etc. It does not set mood, CCS, or recovery options, although it could and should.

    I'll have to think about maximizer. Might be useful for others, but personally I am willing to sacrifice some Meat Drop in order to equip certain items that passively drop stuff.

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    I had not considered a KingLiberated script. That would certainly address some of my concerns. I shall investigate.

    By using your script I am explicitly and very willingly delegating decisions to the script. If we have the same items that produce passive drops I would accept your decision that the drops are more important than extra meat. Since teh script will swap outfit pieces conditionally (voted sticker and mutant limbs come immediately to mind) perhaps a similar mechanic that is unconditionally triggered would work and not be difficult to implement?

    Thank you.

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    Dumb question - how do I configure the script to tell it I don't have a hobo monkey?

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    Set VMF.Familiar =

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    Set VMF.Familiar =
    Originally Posted by txrangersxx View Post
    Despite doing that, it's still getting stuck on not having a hobo monkey.

    > Set VMF.Familiar = Trick-or-Treating Tot
    > call scripts\VeracityMeatFarm.ash
    Validating configuration.
    VMF.FamiliarEquipment: 'ittah bittah hookah' may not be the best item for your Trick-or-Treating Tot; ignoring.
    All is well!
    dontStopForCounters => true
    Acquiring necessary adventuring gear
    Using the Time-Spinner
    autoSatisfyWithStash => false
    autoSatisfyWithStash => true
    Visiting Snojo Control Console
    Submitting option 3 for choice 1118
    Flushing out wandering monsters
    You don't have a Hobo Monkey for a familiar.
    dontStopForCounters => false
    Net income = 0 Meat in 0 turns. Meat/Adventure = 0
    Cumulative income = 155,565,213 Meat in 36,730 turns. Meat/Adventure = 4,235

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