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Thread: My personal Meat farming script

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    I often run VMF right after I finish a run. Since I am slow, many of my runs are five days or more. My skeleton garden, which was unharvested during run because it is out of style, has a Skulldozer. VMF does not fight the Skulldozer. At least twice, due to my repeated inattention, I have not had any adventures left after running VMF to fight it. Would you consider something that might save me from myself? Fighting the dozer is an obvious possibility or just stopping the script if the dozer is there is another. I can think of circumstances where someone else would not want either of those choices so I defer to your wisdom in this matter. Thank you.

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    That would be in Veracity Garden Harvester. That should or could be configurable to ignore it. It would need code to fight it. I’ll take a look.
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