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Thread: My personal Meat farming script

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    Default My personal Meat farming script

    I posted this a while ago, but I have developed it considerably since then. In particular, it works for my main (who has all the skills and items) as well as my various multis, who farm Meat for no other reason than to have as much as they might need to test KoLmafia.

    I have a bunch of hard-coded food, booze, and spleen choices, and I suppose I could use Somebody Else's Code to make better choices, but I just don't care. These are Good Enough.

    I post this because it has a few things that might make other peoples' lives simpler. For example:

    - I combine filling my spleen (with twinkly wads, which are not optimal, but I have, literally, 10s of thousands of them on every character) with numberology.
    - Here is working code to take the "greasing the tracks" quest (when available) in Dinseylandfill at Barf Mountain - where I would go anyway - and fulfilling and redeeming it.

    And so on. This does, literally, everything that I care about to use my turns, use my Daily Deeds, and so on, with no thought, for my main and all my multis.

    As I said, this will suit nobody's needs other than my own, but parts of it may very well help others, so, enjoy!

    Edit: Uploaded newest version. It is much more of a "real script" now:

    - main_function call tasks in individual functions, making it easier to adapt/eclude/edit
    - configuration variables at top.

    and a whole bunch more functionality, documented at top.

    Edit 2: Uploaded newest version.

    - Heavily commented to, one hopes, make it easy to figure out how to configure.
    - All sorts of little bugs fixed.
    - Additional functionality.

    Edit 3: Uploaded newest version

    - Bug fixes
    - Flush out wanderers before going into Deep Machine Tunnels
    - Initial support for Sweet Synthesis
    - Cumulative records: total meat and total turns spent running this script

    Edit 4: Now on SVN!

    svn checkout
    It will put VeracityMeatFarm.ash into your scripts folder.

    - Bug fixes
    - Support for portable Mayo clinic
    - If you really want to use your Hobo Monkey when you have a Tot, you can configure that
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