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Thread: My personal Meat farming script

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    Glad to help, I just assumed I had some setting messed up.

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    In the realm of the trivial...

    I finished a TCRS run. Broke the Prism. Fought the Skulldozer in my garden. Ran VMF to a normal exit. Filled my spleen and ran VMF again. VMF said
    Your Bone Garden has a Skulldozer in it.
    Gear up and fight it!
    Let it grow some more.
    This is not true. Don't know whether it is a logic hiccup, a cached data issue or mafia forgot to reset something. No harm, no foul so nothing more than a FYI.

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    When the script is trying to get a lil pirate outfit it keeps going to the obligatory pirate cove even if I have Dinsey available. The script knows that I have Dinsey so why doesn't it go to the pirate barge where there are no non-combats?
    Originally Posted by stumpsmcgee View Post
    Revision 183 goes to the garbage barges to get the pirate outfit if you are farming barf mountain.
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